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SolderingCase Study


Reinforce that simple circuit knowledge by creating more permanent, unique outcomes

Maker Mindset....

Make projects come to life with these essential skills. Uncover a passion to tinker and explore.

The DC Mobile Workshop.....

Can be left in schools to continue the learning - and complete a range of activities.

Learn by doing....

•    Increase digital toolkit
•    Practical Hands on fun 


Images - with thanks to....


Kimi Ora School

Fairhaven School

Platform Support:


●    Coding
●    Robotics
●    Electronics
●    River Monitoring
●    3D printing
●    Laser cutting
●    CS unplugged
●    App development
●    VR/AR 
●    Microbit
●    Picaxe
●    Arduino
●    Movie making
●    e-Textiles
●    Minecraft EE
●    Soldering
●    Paper circuits
●    Squishy circuits
●    VEX
●    Makey Makey
●    Games design