ElectronicsCase Study

Exploring new ideas

Encouraging resilience, perseverance and conversational learning to experience that    light bulb moment.

Collaborative problem solvers

Encouraging the idea of "Failure" being part of the journey towards success

Maker Mindset....

How might we re-purpose a toy with a new design and become interactive....?

Authentic integration

Engaging our students with the world that surrounds them, can only enrich their experience and meaning to the learning.

Learn by doing....

•    Increase your digital toolkit
•    Practical Hands on fun 


Teacher Capacity

Raising the knowledge base and confidence so that teachers may risk introducing elements into their learning programs. 

Classroom set up

There are many aspects of organizing an effective maker classroom that could take a little more thought than expected.

Images - with thanks to....


Kimi Ora School

Platform Support:


●    Coding
●    Robotics
●    Electronics
●    River Monitoring
●    3D printing
●    Laser cutting
●    CS unplugged
●    App development
●    VR/AR 
●    Microbit
●    Picaxe
●    Arduino
●    Movie making
●    e-Textiles
●    Minecraft EE
●    Soldering
●    Paper circuits
●    Squishy circuits
●    VEX
●    Makey Makey
●    Games design


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