How we can help?
Apply for Free PLD for your School

The New and improved

MoE 'online application system'

is now LIVE!!

  • We have a comprehensive support package to step you through the new 'Online Application system.'

  • Digital Circus are on the panel of the Ministry of Education accredited PLD providers.

  • We can support you in your application process to guide you to construct a robust application for MOE Centrally Funded PLD - all for FREE

We are a digital technologies specialist PLD provider who can assist you with:

  • Digital Fluency

  • Strengthening digital technologies within the curriculum

  • Integrating a cross-curricular, local approach

  • Strategic planning and road-mapping of your digital technologies journey

  • Teacher well-being, demonstrating a low impact approach for digital technologies implementation

  • Gaining staff trust and buy-in 

  • We can deliver MOE centrally funded PLD to your School, Kura or CoL

Platform Support:


●    Google

●    Microsoft

●    Apple

●    Coding
●    Robotics
●    Electronics
●    River Monitoring
●    3D printing
●    Laser cutting
●    CS unplugged
●    App development
●    VR/AR 
●    Microbit
●    Picaxe
●    Arduino
●    Movie making
●    e-Textiles
●    Minecraft EE
●    Soldering
●    Paper circuits
●    Squishy circuits
●    VEX
●    Makey Makey
●    Games design