Ian Kenny
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Ian is a full-time MoE accredited Digital Technology facilitator and is a founder of and Director at Digital Circus. He was a specialist Digital Technology teacher in Hawke's Bay for seven years. He now works closely with schools to plan and integrate the new Digital Technology curriculum, supports change and promotes a growth mindset. He values embracing the local identity of each school and reflecting this in teaching and learning programs where possible.  


Nicola Kenny
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Nicola, employed in the education sector for 19 years as a Digital Technology Teacher, Whole School ICT Co-Ordinator and as a Director of e-Learning, is a founder of and Director at Digital Circus. An experienced Digital Technology professional with an extensive background in education and e-Learning professional development. 


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Toni Westcott
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Toni is an educator passionate about future focused learning and all things digital. She brings teaching experience from years 1-6 and has held Senior management and Digital teaching and learning leadership roles. Toni is a lifelong learner having completed a Post-graduate Certificate and a Masters specialising in Digital Professional Development. She enjoys developing teacher knowledge with a hands-on approach and supporting teachers to build on what they already do in their classrooms. Toni is General Manager, Team Leader of our Facilitation team, and our digital marketing co-ordinator.

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Juliet Revell

Juliet has joined Digital Circus in 2019, with 8 years of experience as a classroom teacher, including working in an ILE. Having taught in the Junior School for much of her teaching career, Juliet brings practical knowledge of how we can ensure our youngest learners become Digitally Capable. Juliet thrives on connecting learners, and was involved with @KidsedchatNZ for 5 years. A Google Certified Innovator, Juliet has continues to model lifelong learning, recently completing a Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative learning. 

Matt Kenny
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Matt is the manager of our Education Centre and our expert in all things Electronics, Coding, and Minecraft. Matt works with us full time and facilitates Digital Technology Programmes in schools and the robotics club held every Thursday at the Hastings Library. Matt is also a MinecraftEDU Certified Trainer and a Microsoft in Education, Global Certified Trainer.

Tracey Kinloch-Jones
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Tracey is a passionate and inspiring communicator. She excels in opening up opportunities for the educational development of adults and students. With a naturally engaging nature, Tracey is able to share her knowledge and skills by providing culturally sensitive, practical ideas for the classroom.  She has a teaching background that spans all levels, has experience in facilitating workshops, and is a sort after presenter at conferences. Tracey enjoys working alongside teachers to develop fresh localised programmes, especially using Science and STEAM. These programmes empower teachers and students with both confidence and competence to accelerate their learning journey. Tracey received the Royal Society Alumni award for her work with Science education in 2014.

Cathy Quigan
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Cathy has been teaching in New Zealand for 11 years in a number of learning areas. For the past 5 years she has been leading eLearning and Digital Technologies from Years 7-13 at a high school in New Plymouth. She is passionate about authentic learning experiences and is constantly learning. Cathy is approachable and works well with groups and individuals at both ends of the 'digital comfort' spectrum. She thrives on building the capacity of teachers and students to make connections in their learning, encouraging curiosity and developing skills in the area of DT/HM and digital fluency.

Rachel Duckworth
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Since embarking on a career in education in 1998, Rachel has continued to search for new ways to engage and motivate students in learning. Utilising and integrating every piece of technology she could get her hands on was just one of the ways she built and maintained student engagement. Rachel has experience teaching and facilitating change across the sector. She is passionate about helping schools utilise Google tools to streamline workflow and maximise impact for both teachers and learners.

Laura is a digitech consultant, coach and researcher. She has 20 years primary teaching experience. Laura enjoys helping teachers build their confidence in using and integrating computational thinking and 3DO in their classrooms. She is a Google Innovator and Seesaw Pioneer.

Laura Butler
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Anjie is the Director of Generation Online, an organisation committed to fostering wellbeing, safety and confidence online. With an extensive career in education across different sectors, roles and responsibilities, a M.Ed(hons), and three plus years as an Education Advisor with Netsafe, Anjela brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the ‘online space’ and use of digital technologies, and in particular a focus on wellbeing, safety, and confidence online. Drawing from research, knowledge and experience, Anjie shares presentations, keynotes, sessions and workshops face to face or online, to open up the discussion around digital fluency - building knowledge of the online environment, developing digital skills, and fostering values and dispositions that enable us to safely engage in, and thrive online. 

Website www.generationonline.nz  
Contact. anjela@generationonline.nz 

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John Phelps - Technology Concepts
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John’s experience has come from a background of 46 years as a registered teacher. He has been involved in educational ICT for 29 years in many parts of New Zealand. He has also presented in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, England, the Netherlands, and Canada. A major part of his work is helping principals, teachers, and students to increase their confidence and ability to use a wide range of technologies and applications. An increasing aspect of the service offered is to work with teachers to try and make lessons more engaging for students. For the last five years John has been a Microsoft Learning Consultant.

Gavin Mclean - STEM.org
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Gavin is a #STEM education expert serving as Director of STEM.org | Educational Research's Oceania operations. With over 20 years of experience in #edtech innovation, he has dedicated his efforts towards seamlessly embedding technology into the classroom and beyond.