Maze game


To design and create your very own maze game to test your skills

Step one:

Changing character

You need to choose a character that you are going to help navigate through the maze. You can select what ever sprite you would like.

In the sprites panel, select "choose sprite from library" to have a look at all the sprites that scratch has to offer. When you have chosen one, double click on it. Next delete the scratch cat by right clicking on him and selecting "delete".

Step two: 

Creating controls

You now need to give your sprite the ability to move. In our project we are going to use the arrow keys up, down, left and right.

From the event blocks category, drag out 4 of the "when key pressed" block. Then, using the black arrow on each block change them from "space" to "up arrow", "down arrow", "left arrow" and "right arrow"

When we want to move something left or right, we can use the "                       " block that is in the motion category. Drag out 2 of the "change x by" blocks. If we want it to move right we must change x by a positive number, else if we want to move something left we must change x by a negative number.

Change one of your blocks to "-10" and attach it to the left arrow key, then attach the "10" to the right arrow.

Time to TEST !! 

Press the left and right arrow keys and see if your cat moves in that direction. If it doesn't work, have a look at the numbers in your "change x by" block

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