Teacher aide PLD pilot fund

The teacher aide PLD pilot fund is open to all teacher aides employed in state and state-integrated schools. The fund will pay approximately $1,500 per teacher aide for course and time costs, plus up to $500 for travel and accommodation costs.

Ready to register tile.png

Once you have registered your spot in the program above, you also need to register with the MoE (following the steps below) to be refunded.

The new Teacher aide PLD Pilot fund is available to cover the cost of the course, travel and accommodation (where necessary) as well as covering teacher aide wages for the time you are attending the PLD course. 

There are six simple steps required to do this:

1. Check with your supervisor and principal, tumaki or whoever approves your school’s PLD that the training fits your needs. 

2. Set up an Education Sector Logon and fill in the application form.

3. The MoE will receive and process your application.

4. When approved you and your principal will be notified. 

5. Arrange the PLD

6. Your school or kura will send an invoice to the MoE for course costs, attendance time, travel and accommodation after the PLD is complete.