Digital Literacy

– Developing 21st century skills

Preparing our students for the world that doesn’t exist yet is no easy task for any school. Digital Circus has identified the critical 21st century skills every student needs to survive and succeed in today's world.


What does the modern young person want from school?

  • to be challenged and inspired by their learning

  • to collaborate and work with their peers

  • they want to incorporate the technology into their classroom experiences as much as they can

Analytical thinking is important, including proficiency with:

  • comparing

  • contrasting

  • evaluating

  • synthesising

  • and applying without instruction or supervision

The skills that are so important to students and their future include:

  • having the ability to solve complex problems in real time.

  • to be able to think and work creatively in both digital and non-digital environments

  • to develop unique and useful solutions


Students must have the ability to collaborate seamlessly in both physical and virtual spaces, with real and virtual partners globally.

Communication, not just with text or speech, but in multiple multimedia formats is also a must have for our students. They must be able to communicate visually through video and imagery as effectively as they do with text and speech.

The workforces of today and the future are globalising due

to the internet.

An organisation’s business partners are now halfway across the world, and yet they meet and work with each other every day. The ability to collaborate and communicate in these situations is essential, and schools need to strive to teach students these modern skills. Schools need to provide students with the opportunity to use technology to enhance their learning every day and teachers to be committed to continuing to upskill to ensure they have the knowledge to help the students prepare for the ever-changing world they will be working and participating in all their lives.

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