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After returning from camp, I worked alongside 2 classroom teachers to plan and implement a project where students could share their camp experiences.


Instead of the boring old recount of camp, we decided to make it interactive, 3D and with an authentic audience. Students chose an aspect of their camp experience they wanted to share. They created a 3D diorama and then we used the Makey Makey to write, record and connect up to their diorama so that when a button was pressed it the students voice would work- sort of like a museum display! 


This project involved the arts, literacy, digital technologies curriculum content and integrated into their camp experience. Students developed collaboration working in a group, resilience when things didn't quite work, and flexible problem solving. The project was integrated and had an authentic audience. 

Check out the finished projects!


Argyll East School

Context: School Camp

Year levels: 4-8

Integrated through: literacy, Inquiry, DTHM

Platform: Scratch on Chromebook

Tech: Makey Makey and Chromebook


Toni Westcott facilitates PLD with teachers and students all over New Zealand. With a Masters in Digital Education, she specialises in creating meaningful and relevant PLD for teachers to be able to integrate future-focused teaching and learning.

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