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New to Minecraft? No worries! In this fun and hands-on Free online workshop for teachers, you will learn how to set up for success, using Minecraft in your classroom. Learn tips and tricks to help you to integrate the new areas of the Digital Technology curriculum into your classroom programmes. 

Microsoft has funded this amazing course. Thanks, Microsoft.

Digital Circus have partnered with impactED and Tūranga (Chch City Libraries) to develop and deliver this course. 


The course will be delivered predominantly in English Medium, but with Te Ao Māori values and perspectives integrated. Each module will be an hour and hosted online for you to join a hui, or you can do them in your own time.


The modules are planned to cover the following, but may change as we start planning, 

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: A guide through Ngā Motu

Module 3: Build challenge for beginners - Skills and Tools for basic navigation

Module 4: Setting up Minecraft for your class 

Module 5: From the eyes of ākonga'

Module 6: Code Builder

Module 7: Extras for experts - Circuits and Redstone

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