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Teacher aide course - digital competencies

This course is funded by the Ministry of Education Teacher Aide Professional Learning and Development Fund 2023-2024

What does the funding cover?

You can apply for funding to:

  • Cover the fees/costs for the PLD.

  • Reimbursement for your school for the time required for you to participate in the PLD during work hours so that you can be paid at your normal rate.

  • Contribute to travel and accommodation required for you to participate in the PLD.

  • If you attend the online course/module outside of classroom hours, you can be paid at your normal rate for the required time.

How do I apply for MoE funding for this course?
Follow this three step process to apply for funding for this course

Download the flyer that outlines the course and seek approval from your principal, tumuaki or supervisor.

You will need to set up an Education Sector Logon (ESL)

and assign the role as Teaching Assistant.

Apply for the funding for your PLD through the online form.  Select the "Set Category" option from the application type.

Need more info? 

Funding Approved?

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