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Join Juliet as she gives an introduction to AI, defines the terms and provides a basic overview.  Discover how AI can be used as an assistant for you and the potential for your classroom practice to promote critical thinking.


For kaiako + leaders of Year 0 -8 

Cost: FREE

Term 4 Week 1

Wednesday 11th October


Recordings + resources sent to all who register


This webinar is now done - keep your eyes peeled for more to come!


Juliet joined DC in 2019, with 8 years of experience as a classroom teacher, including working in an ILE. Having taught in the Junior School for much of her teaching career, Juliet brings practical knowledge of how we can ensure our youngest learners become Digitally Capable. A Google Certified Innovator, Juliet continues to model lifelong learning, and has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative learning. 


Got questions? Email Juliet -

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