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Seesaw enables your tamariki to create and share their mahi. This sharing encompasses you, their peers, whānau and the wider community. Now, let's take a look at how we could take those connections a step further...


How might we empower ākonga to deepen reflection, and utilise Seesaw as a tool for providing effective feedback? 


We have been working with teachers to make effective feedback using Seesaw a simple, yet powerful process. Scaffolded carefully; students are reminded of the importance of effective feedback. They are motivated to reflect on their own mahi, and taught to think critically when providing feedback to their peers. 

At Digital Circus, we work alongside teachers and students in their classroom, modelling and supporting the integration of digital tools with effective pedagogy.

Context: Student voice, feedback, cross-curricular

Year levels: 0-8

Integrated through: cross-curricular

Platform: Seesaw

Tech: iPads, tablets, laptop, Chromebook

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Juliet Revell facilitates PLD with teachers and students all over New Zealand. She is a Seesaw Certified Educator and is passionate about helping our youngest learners become Digitally Capable. 

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