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5 MUST HAVE Chrome Extensions for the Classroom

Unpopular (or popular opinion?) Google Chrome is the best browser.

For a number of reasons:

  • It remembers all my passwords and details

  • Most websites let me eeeaasily sign up with Google

  • I can log on anywhere and access all my Google Drive


Extensions can be added to your Chrome profile through the Chrome Web Store. Basically they are there to make your life and digital life easier and more efficient. As you can imagine, being the Chrome web store, they integrate really well with all Google products and services.

There is so much out there and sometimes it's tricky to sort the good from the great, or from the average. With the extensions - always check out the ratings/reviews and how many people have or are using it. The people have spoken.

So here are our top 5 that we find as teachers and educators are GREAT.

Mote extension logo

1. Mote

Mote is an extension that lets you record your Google docs/slides comments as VOICE NOTES. This is a game changer for both teachers and students. You can also go to the Mote Website and create a voice mote there and then share it. It also transcribes what you say so you can listen and read it at the same time. AND then if you like, you can go back in and edit the text. Cool cool cool.


  • VERY easy to use

  • You can edit the transcript after recording


  • The transcription isn't great when you have a kiwi accent. But you can edit it (see pros list)

  • There's a free and a paid version. The free version let's you record 20 voice notes a month up to 30 seconds each. That's all you need to see if it floats your boat!

Google Drive Logo

2. Save to Google Drive

This extension does exactly as it is named. It is basic but brilliant. You can right click on an image and click the Save to Drive button and it saves that image into your Google Drive. No more copy/paste/download/save/upload situation. If you click the icon in your Chrome extensions bar it does a screenshot of the page you are on too. Handy.


  • Great for Chromebooks for students to save images to Drive

  • Easy to save an image and find it in Drive later


  • It is pretty basic and the interface looks outdated

  • Can't add it to a specific folder in the Drive

Adblock for Youtube extension logo

3. Adblock for Youtube

This tool, once installed, BLOCKS YOUTUBE ADS. This is so handy in the classroom - we all know that feeling of playing a Youtube video on the big screen to the class and having to sit through a Subway ad. Also when pushed out to student accounts it blocks ads for them too. WIN WIN!


  • Easy to use - in fact just install it and that is it!


  • I can't think of one (except for the marketing industry)

Screencastify extension logo

4. Screencastify

This is HANDS DOWN my favourite. I use it all the time. In every context. My students would make videos, I would make videos.

A screen recording tool or use the cam to capture your self or embed your camera in the Screen recording! So many possibilities


  • Easy to use

  • They have educators and students in mind

  • Saves to Google Drive folder for easy sharing and embedding in Google Slides.


  • Paid and free - It allows you to record for up to 30 mins and gives you 10 videos storage at a time.

  • The paid is actually pretty worth it, especially if you are doing flipped learning.

Clearly extension logo

5. Clearly

This chrome extension blocks out all the ads and extra stuff around a webpage so students can see it clearly. Clever. It also has some neat other features like read aloud, zoom in, convert to a PDF. Neat!


  • Easy to use - just click the extension when you are on the webpage and it works it's magic!


  • You have to remember (or your students have to remember) to click the extension.


Once you add an extension to your Chrome - go to the little puzzle piece on the bar at the top and pin the extensions you want to have quick and easy access to.

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